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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is active in European research collaboration (IST) and in national cooperation with Finnish enterprices, universities and institutions. We also serve the telecommunication industry and operators by carrying out contract research work targeted to product development for the customers.

Some public on going Grid projects of VTT:


CoreGRID is a European Network of Excellence (NoE) funded by the European Commission's 6th Framework Program. The network aims at strengthening and advancing scientific and technological excellence in the area of Grid and Peer-to-Peer technologies.

CoreGRID Home pageTo achieve this objective, the Network brings together a critical mass of well-established researchers (119 permanent researchers and 165 PhD students) from 42 institutions who have constructed an ambitious joint programme of activities. This joint programme of activity is structured around six complementary research areas that have been selected on the basis of their strategic importance, their research challenges and the recognised European expertise to develop next generation Grid middleware, namely:

Our main interest focusing areas in CoreGRID are e.g. resource discovery, scalable storage and publishing systems, advanced resource location mechanisms, robustness and safe resource usage, dependability evaluation and failure detection in large scale environments (at programming models and system architecture areas).

VTT has also participated to several national and international GRID- / P2P-projects. More information about CoreGRID and other related projects, which VTT has participated in, can be found from ERCIM NEWS - Number 59, October 2004. (PDF)

Contact: Mr. Mika Pennanen

NoE CoreGRID homepage -


Interoperability of Virtual Organizations on Complex Semantic Grid

InteliGrid is a European research project using grid technologies to develop an interoperability platform to complex engineering industries such as construction, automotive and aerospace.

IntelliGrid page Our vision of future engineering is a flexible, secure, robust, ambient accessible, interoperable, pay-per-demand access to information, communication and processing infrastructure. The project will create generic grid-related knowledge, infrastructure and toolkits that will allow transition of the advanced engineering industry towards semantic, model-based, ontology-committed collaboration.

Project belongs to European Commission's Information Society Technologies Programme (IST).

Contact: Mr. Matti Hannus

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